Clare Williams is a botanical artist who produces beautifully accurate and detailed illustrations

Botanical Illustrations, paintings and prints
by Clare Williams,



Clare’s botanical interest is life long. Her style has developed over the years with influences coming from a variety of people and even more from the places she visits.

Clare grew up in rural North Wales. Her childhood embedded Clare’s interest and love of the sea, mountains, fauna and flora; her grandmother being a major contribution with her love of flowers.

Before leaving her home land at the age of 18 she completed her studies under the influential Peter Prendergast. She then went on to complete her undergraduate degree in visual arts at Cheltenham College.

Clare is now married with two children and  lives in Kent. In recent years her career in Botanical Art has moved to the forefront of her life having travelled and studied plants in such unique places as Trinidad, the Cayman Islands and Tuscany although many of her influences actually come from within Kent itself. Many of her weekends are spent strolling through Kew, Lullingstone, Wisley and Hampton Court Castle considering the shapes and colours of flowers and vegetables.

Clare is influenced by many artists including Maria Sibylla Merian, Marianne North, Rory McEwen and Rosie Sanders. Clare mainly works in watercolours and graphite but also adapts easily along with enjoying aspects of printmaking and photography.

For further information regarding commissions, purchase of original watercolours, limited edition giclee prints or cards please contact Clare initially via the email contact form